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Hermex Kft
6300 Kalocsa
Pataji street 31.
mobile: 06-30/9533-638
mobile: 06-30/201-12-78
phone: 06-78/562-552
email: hermexkft@t-online.hu


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The HERMEX Ltd was grounded as a family business in1994. At the beginning, we restart to build an old seeder machine family, what is been sucsessfully produce since today. The owner Georg Herrmann brought his skill from an old state dryercompany, what he managed for more than twenty years long. Later started the small company developing and making diferent kind of machines for foodindustries and more types of slicing knives. Slowly became a manufakturer and dealer in several parts in the drying technics. This developing is still continuing till today. It's been prooving by the groving numbers of our contented customers since years.


Family Company anno 1940:

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